Plants as Decorations

I don’t know about you but I hate clutter. I really dislike tons of little things sitting around on top of the tables, shelves, and counters of my home. Everything should have a home. Be away.

The exception to this is plants. I enjoy plants in the home. I think they are a very important part of decor that raise spirits and improve air quality. I love plants. But they require space on the tops of tables, shelves, and counters. This presents a dilemma.

This weekend I found a way around this and I am very excited to share it. Hanging things on walls is a way to have those things not sitting taking up space. And, since walls look big and empty otherwise it’s a clear win-win.

Julia Dziuba creates a natural wall display with mason jars

Julia Dziuba creates a natural wall display with mason jars

What I especially love about this project is that it is inexpensive and beautiful. Wall mounted flower pots can be a pricey purchase and so you spend a fortune on several small ones or buy a couple large ones. Using these jars allows the finished project to look light and artsy without breaking the bank! They are also easy to take down, care for, and rearrange!

All you need:
A couple of young plants
Potting soil
Mason jars
Wood covered wire
Wire cutters
Picture hanging hooks

Plant health considerations: I’ve chosen plants that enjoy lots of water for this project because there will be no drainage from the jars. You could put in a little more effort though and fill the bottom with rocks and a layer of fabric (to allow the water to drain a bit more) before adding soil and plants.

Step one: First fill up those jars with lovely plants!

Step two: Wrap the jars with wire to create hanging loops. I found an awesome wire in Michael’s that is a thick wire wrapped in thin strips of wood. It is very strong and elegant. I measured around the top of the jar and then added three inches of wire. I stripped the wood from two inches of wire on one end and one inch of wire on the other end. Wrap the wire around tight and twist the two ends once. Fold the bits of stripped wood down between the wires and twist the wire ends a second time. Next make a loop with the longer end and twist the wire ends again. All this wire twisting can be done with your bare hands but I used some needle nose pliers!


Step three: Layout a nice design on the wall and insert the picture hanging hooks. These hooks distribute the weight in a way that makes finding studs not necessary. It couldn’t get easier.

Step four: Hang your jars!


The plants and I are quite happy! I hope this inspires you to bring more plants into your home!

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