I hope to make this site a home for all things made under the umbrella of motherhood. For me this includes children, a healthy family, a nice home, and a world that keeps dreams and inspiration alive. I will be posting lessons I hope to teach my children, thoughts on parenting, DIY home projects, and maybe even some recipes!

Julia Dziuba's family, April, 2014.

Julia Dziuba’s family, April, 2014.

Who am I?

I trust. I learn. I make. I share.

While I have a lot to learn I also have a lot of love and confidence in myself and the world. Good paths are everywhere if your eyes are open. I hope to never stop learning and lead by example.

I am a maker. I make art, software, jewelry, gardens, clothing, mobiles, dinner most nights, far too many sweets and once upon a time I made lots of math equations. I make a comfy home. I also make human life.

I am a mother. My body is very good at this kind of making. It is strong and not easily thrown off by hormones or a watermelon sized uterus. I have made three children over the span of 4.5 years. I have two daughters and a son.

I am a wife. I’ve been with my husband for 10 years and married 8. We grow together and love.

What have I done?

I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006 with a BS in applied mathematics and minor in biology. I married and moved to the bay area to work in healthcare. For seven years I developed models of the progression of disease in populations and its treat. I also started a family in this time. When pregnant with our third I pivoted my career to create Makers’ Moon, an online tool to help artists manage their business and develop my own art career. With Makers’ Moon released I am now turning my attention to developing online parenting tools. Nothing is public yet on this front!

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